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In my podcast series Barbara London Calling, I’m hosting conversations with pioneering and up-and-coming artists from around the world. Together we’re exploring what motivates and inspires these artists, what technologies they use in their unusually varied practices, and how they see the world as artists working at the forefront of technology and creativity.

A few of the artists are featured in my book, Video/Art: The First Fifty Years; several are also included in “Seeing Sound,” an exhibition I organized, which tours in 2021 under the auspices of Independent Curators International (ICI), the nonprofit based in Manhattan.

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Why did I create this series? In 1974, I founded the video-media exhibition and collection programs at the Museum of Modern Art in New York—the first program of its kind at a major museum. More recently I wrote Video/Art: The First Fifty Years, published by Phaidon, which surveys the first half century of video art.

But media art is much broader than just video art. In these conversations, I wanted to explore the past, present and uncharted future of media art.

What exactly is media art? Is media art simply a catchall term for art made using the latest electronic tools and communication systems? Tune into the series to discover how media art belongs to the here and now, as it continues to evolve with technology, with the times and with us, its users.

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I want the twelve conversations in Barbara London Calling to show media art as the farthest-reaching, most innovative art of our time—a kind of art, and artist, that plays an essential role in the study and appreciation of contemporary art in general.

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Support for Barbara London Calling is generously provided by Bobbie Foshay and Independent Curators International (ICI), in conjunction with their upcoming exhibition, “Seeing Sound.” Le Tigre graciously provided the background music for the series. My thanks go to the participating artists for their time.