Welcome to Barbara London Calling. In this new podcast series, I’m speaking with pioneering and up-and-coming multimedia artists. Together we’re exploring what motivates and inspires these artists, and how they see the world while at the intersection of technology and creativity.

What is multimedia art? Simply put, multimedia art is art made using the latest electronic tools and communication systems. A multimedia artwork can materialize as an audio or video installation, a virtual reality environment, even an audio or video file streamed online.

More than anything, multimedia art belongs to the here and now, as it steadily evolves with technology and with us, its users.

Why did I create this series? As a curator and writer, I’ve spent my career exploring video as an integral part of multimedia art. In 1974, I founded the video-media exhibition and collection programs at the Museum of Modern Art in New York—the first program of its kind at a major museum. More recently, I wrote a book called Video/Art: The First Fifty Years, which surveys the first half century of video art.

But multimedia art is a vast domain that is much broader than video art. Multimedia art, in its many forms, continues to develop in tandem with new audiovisual tools and with new ways of experiencing art, whether online, in museum and gallery spaces, or in new art venues we can barely imagine.


Support for Barbara London Calling is generously provided by Bobbie Foshayand Independent Curators International, in conjunction with their upcoming exhibition “Seeing Sound,” curated by Barbara London.

Series produced by Bower Blue. Lead producer Ryan Leahey; audio engineer Amar Ibrahim.

Special thanks to Le Tigre for graciously providing background music.

Barbara London Calling podcast

I want the 12 episodes of Barbara London Calling to help establish multimedia art as the farthest-reaching, most innovative art of our time—a kind of art, and a kind of artist, that plays an essential role in the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art in general.